• Box Brownie pictures

    As promised, here are a selection of my photos taken this month with the 1931 Kodak Box Brownie

  • Daylight film processing with an AGFA Rondinax

    I still like messing around with film, but I've sort of given up on darkroom work for the time being. It's a bit difficult, smelly and antisocial ! Also I can make digital prints that are 95% as good as the silver prints I was making the hard way. Still, I like to take and process photographs on film as it has its unique character and I love messing with old cameras. I could still load up a film tank in a changing bag, but that's a real faff and it's all too easy to get it wrong doing everything by feel.

  • My first photo - the Kodak Brownie

    What was the first picture you ever took ? And what camera did  you take it with ? If you’re like me the chances are it was a Box Brownie. And in my case, the first picture was this : the front of Wells Cathedral, taken on holiday in 1966.