A few links which may be of interest to members

The first is Don McCullin.  He is one of the Magnum photographers and is famous for his Vietnam War pictures.  However he is also a brilliant street and landscape photographer

The next two relate to Scott Bourne.  He is one of the top bird photographers and is an Olympus Visionary. One is an interview with him about how he got started and what his philosophies and techniques are.  The second is his web site with lots of top class images.

Peter Wyles

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We discovered an excellent resource on YouTube - here's something to take you away from those box sets while we're all stuck at home !

Nigel Danson is a landscape photographer who has published an excellent and extensive series of videos on YouTube showing how he works. They aren't presented so much as tutorials as  "this is the way I like do it". The videos are about 15 minutes long and he usually publishes a new one each Sunday. We love his chatty but not overbearing style and have learned a lot from his videos.

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