2020 Charity - More Information


Bodenham Lake Nature Reserve Eastern Bird Hide

Our chosen charity for 2020 is the provision of an accessible bird hide at Bodehham Lake, together with the access routes and ramps to allow those with limited mobility to enjoy the wildlife. The project is being run by the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, who manage the site in partnership with New Leaf Sustainable Development.

One of the largest stretches of open water in Herefordshire, covering 55 acres, Bodenham Lake is an important overwintering and breeding area for wildfowl and is currently designated as a ‘Special Wildlife Site’. More than 170 species of birds have been recorded here while the lake is also a key breeding site for toads and thousands follow historic migratory routes to the lake each spring.

Installation of an Eastern Bird Hide

Wildlife in Herefordshire is largely inaccessible to those with limited mobility.

Recent earth works at Bodenham Lake provide the opportunity to install a new bird hide on the Eastern shore of the Lake, overlooking newly created shallows and islands. This position would be closer to the car park, enabling access along the trackways dating from when the site was a working gravel pit.

Bodenham Lake Site Map


A typical open-backed hide