Online competition - change from February - please read


We are adding a new feature to the website to automatically upload competition entries from the emails that you send in. This will save Sue from having to check regularly if any emails have arrived and then manually upload them to the website.

The process that members need to follow is exactly the same as before, but you will also receive a confirmation email notifying you that your entry has been accepted. The system will also check for errors, and any problems will automatically be notified to you.  The process will run every 30 minutes, so expect an email back within that time.

The only point to bear in mind is to stick to the standard email subject line format

Date/Subject/Photo caption/Your name/Your Membership number

It's particularly important to make sure the Date (eg Feb 20) is the first thing on the subject line and your Membership number is the last thing on the line as this allows the system to identify the correct competition and you as a member.

If any problems occur from February onwards, just let me know and I'll look into it.