Lockdown Activities and Chat Forum

Dear members

We have introduced a new website feature to help keep you going during the Coronavirus lockdown. It's called the Forum and you can access it from the tab on the main window.

The idea is to have some stimulating ideas : we will add a couple to kick things off, then if you have any ideas you can either send those to us, or you can post them yourselves if you have logged in to the website. Also if you have logged in you can comment on the previous posts and let us know what you think. Or just be chatty !

The sort of thing we could all post :

  • Trips you've made
  • Things you've learned, and how it helped you
  • Things you'd still like to learn and maybe need help
  • Links to useful content elsewhere on the internet, such as a favourite photographer of yours
  • What you are doing photo wise at home while you can't travel


I'm writing instructions for all this : I'll link to it from here when it's done and we'll also email out the details

Keep safe and keep in touch !