Something to do in the lockdown

Submitted by Peter Wyles on Sat, 25/04/2020 - 17:56

Something you could try in the lockdown is ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) or multiple imaging.

A few images taken in this way by Lin and me are shown below,


The most basic technique is to use a slow shutter speed and then pan the camera either horizontally or vertically. You can add a wriggle if you want to! The shutter speed is a matter of trial and error.

Another option is to zoom your lens in or out during exposure.  You can either zoom using the ring on your lens or, as we prefer, hold the zoom ring and rotate the camera. One tip is to start the zooming  before pressing the shutter.

You can hand hold the camera or use a tripod.

One problem you may experience is being able to use a sufficiently low shutter speed speed because you have too much light.  There are a number of options here -  again trial and error. For example using  lowest ISO, smallest aperture or, if you have some, using neutral density filters to reduce the exposure level.

Multiple imaging

To achieve this you will need to check on your camera menu to see if it allows multiple imaging. If so, set it for two frames and “overlay”.  Having set this you take an image of your flower head or whatever and  then when you take half pressure on the shutter release for the second shot, you will see an overlay image. You can the zoom your lens to produce a smaller or larger image for the second shot, making sure that everything is lined up.

The easiest way to start is to use a symmetrical  daisy type flower because this is easy to line up. If you use a leaf, as in some  of our examples, you have to line up the stems and the veins.  More tricky!


Best of luck and show us a few of your images!

Peter Wyles