On-line competitions 2020

The competition themes for 2020 are as follows :

January 2020 - Autumn
February 2020 - Reflections
March 2020 - Still Life
April 2020 - Patterns
May 2020 - Portrait
June 2020 - Atmospheric Scenes
July 2020 - Perspective
August 2020 - Water
September 2020 - Leaves
October 2020 - Transport
November 2020 - Glass

UNICEF charity collection


At our club meeting on 2nd September, David Bull, formerly the CEO of UNICEF UK presented photos of his travels in aid of children all over the world. We had an excellent turnout, and members' donations, as well as David's generous donation of his speaking fee, amounted to £170 in total

I'm sure everyone enjoyed David's amazing presentation of a life in charitable causes. Thanks to David and everyone who donated.