Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Submitted by webmaster on Tue, 11/09/2018 - 16:00

Why have the club set up an on-line digital competition?

We wanted to give all members an opportunity to be involved in club competitions without having to worry about the cost or complexity involved in our usual print competitions. The on-line competition enables members to display their work to a wider audience within a safe competitive environment and improve their photography skills and confidence. 

How have the monthly themes been identified?

The membership was consulted in the June 2013 Club meeting and individual members came up with a list of possible themes. From this list we have selected the current twelve title themes for the year.

Why do we have to downsize our images to 1024 pixels at the longest height / width?

We wanted a competition that was fair to all our members, no matter what digital camera they were using from mobile phone to full-frame Digital SLR. Over the last few weeks we have carried out a range of tests to identify the best compromise image resolution between quality and web display resolution. We have decided against allowing our members to enter full resolution images because this may give members with large sensor cameras an unfair advantage in the judging process. All images will be automatically re-sized by the web software for display purposes but the judge will have access to the full 1024 pixel resolution images for their critical evaluation.

Why do the images display at a low resolution in the web gallery?

The galleries are managed by a tool named Juicebox. This is responsive to the browser window size, including optimising for mobile devices. The full image can be expanded to full size using a button in the gallery pager itself.

Why occasionally do the web galleries show "Access Denied"?

When each month comes to an end the gallery is released for judging. Only the Judge will then have access to the gallery through their own login. They will then be able to complete their evaluation of all the submitted entries.  After judging, the judge releases the gallery for general viewing and adds their commentary on the images.